AMBER Cushions and Blankets


Filled with small natural amber pieces – the gold of the north

Available pillow sizes and their contents:

15 x 15 cm - 100 or 200 grams
30 x 30 cm - 1000 grams
40x40 cm - 1500 grams

Available blanket sizes and their contents:
200 x 100 cm – 12500 grams ( standard size)

Also available in made to order sizes. Please contact us for further details.

Amber is europe's oldest cultured stone, which was used for the well- being of soul and body, as a smoking agent, in medicine and in jewelry.

Until the middle of the 20 th century, amber was a household product for grandmothers and pharmacists, but the iron curtain put an end to that. Now, with the east being accessible once more, amber has made a triumphant return into our society, and is once again available.

Amber has a very long and illustrious history.
In nature, pine trees produced this aromatic resin to fill in fissures and cover up wounds.the old greeks discovered its electrostatic attributes when rubbing amber with cloth, therby attaching the cloth to the amber stone.the egyptians used it in powdered form to cure internal the middle ages amber was one of the most important medicines and even today we can find it in homeopathic products. Amber is being used as insulator to neutralize electrical and electromagnetic fields; in poland to this day, amber is being used externally for rheumatic and
Joint pains. Medicine found uses of amber in the areas of stomach diseases, throat problems, cramps , rhumatism and arthritis; it was also well known to help in the reduction of back pains and with skin problems.

Our amber pillows and –blankets are filled with untreated natural amber, bringing relief to many, in a multitude of areas, and that in a natural way .
Amber, filled into carefully created pockets of untreated linen cloth, absorbs the warmth of the body and radiates its increased warmth back to the body.
At the same time, the pillow and blanket assume the contours or our head and body, thereby creating homogeneous pressure points, eliminating at the same time bed sores.

These amber particles create a wonderful phenomenon: by our movement of turning or shifting in bed,we becomes the benefactors of a gentle massage, which at the same time helps to improve our blood circulation.

Through this warmth and massage, our skin and muscles relax, which improves the regeneration of of our body, in a very natural way .

Consequence ? People using amber pillows and –blankets feel relaxed, and well taken care of.

Happiness, wellness and satisfaction – what else do we need ?

Feeling well in the truest sense of the word.