Combine the magic of fire with the cleaning element of natural amber

Our natural amber candles are created with the purpose of increasing the well feeling of persons – with aromatherapy for their mind.

The human sense of smell is the first one developed in a baby. Scents created by the mother’s nervous system, enables a small child to identify its mother amongst thousands of other human beings.

Smell is a very important part in our life, even though unconsciously. The sensation which results when the olfactory organs respond to the stimuli of smells causes an emotional response which originates in the brain, and therefore influences our reactions.

A very important fact is that the concentration of scents is not always the deciding factor;

Too high a concentration can lead to an over stimulation.

Aromatherapy specialists mean that very low concentrations of scents which are barely noticeable are the ideal concentration.

Even incense sticks which permeate furniture and draperies, are not everybody’s taste:

So, we`re trying a bridge with our scented candles; our small candle-light creates a pleasant aroma, which spreads throughout the dwelling, which calms and relaxes you.

A feeling of total well-being!!!