The true light of natural amber: Natural amber light as never seen before


amber lamps amber lamps

Lamps made of Amber:  Life’s' vibrations seen through the " tears of the gods "

The gods spilled their tears and so created Amber. Tears are the expression of unhappiness. Yet tears purify, reduce pain, sometimes make sadness fade away and dissolve. Tears relieve suffering and calm the mental heartstrings. 

Look intensely into the golden color of those godly tears and get to know them. Relax and make your pressures and fears disappear. Open your soul and rise because this golden color is like a  gentle, almost faint sound of the gods allowing you to be freed.

Immerse yourself in the vibrations of  this God-given gold, inhale its frequency, for vibrations represent life. Vibrations are present all the  time. Everything is in motion - in gold.

Unearth the submerged wealth of your soul, giving life a new purpose. Everything is in perpetual motion, all that exists vibrates.

Let yourself be in motion, for  vibrations result in experience, movement brings momentum.

Remove the gold that covers your eyes and change your life into gold.


Your Amber lamp - Your brilliantly shining Sun


amber lamps amber lamps
New amber light enjoys your soul!


Amber requires light, and amber represents color. Since primeval times, humans have been pleased and  fascinated by the multitude of colors amber comes in. Its sparkling diversity, its loose structure of changing  colors  always attracted men.

 Amber finds the attention, men  plunge into it and forget the present. It is not the  mind, but the  sentiment which makes amber impose itself. Far away from any rational reasoning human beings are fascinated and attracted by its sun-like colors, to a point that people will forget their sorrows.

Amber searches ones' attention, men will immerse themselves and forget. It suffices to look but once, to dip into this other world, into the sphere of happy and warming sunrays into the now and the age of the past.

To get lost and forgotten in the past transience and in the eon of millions of years. The past becomes the today, and our time opens itself to the past.

Amber is Gold: The golden light beam, which carries you and your emotions away.



Technical description:

-              Tubes of acryl glass

-              Ca. 300g Baltic natural amber filling, amber hand sorted

-              Height: 22cm

-              On top and on bottom anodized aluminum

-              Scratch-proof

-              Light: cold light led, radiation angle zero

-              Power supply 12 watt, 2m electrical cable

-              CE