Amber teething necklaces and bracelets from natural amber are a real turnover racer!

Today with the new safety standard: with new safety fastener and new thread according the requirements of the German trade supervision!


Today amber teething necklaces and bracelets belong to the standard of every child outfitter and baby outfitter.

Mothers and midwives reflect again on the traditional child care from which the baby teething necklaces had never disappeared.

Of course today the feeling of modern mothers falls back consciously on the old house remedies, free of side effect.


Because we only supply wholesalers, mail order systems and department stores as a manufacturer directly, still appreciable profit margins are guaranteed with our customers!


In the favorable purchase directly at the manufacture is your profit!




- Guarantee for Baltic natural/genuine - amber (guarantee of our German company)

- Length: approx. 34 cm


- Forms: Baroque-around, flat-baroque, olive beads, French-sandblasted


- Colors: citrine/lemon, bright cognac, middle cognac and dark cognac, multicolored


- Fastener: New security fastener of plastic (no allergic reaction possibly!)


- Single-knotted


- Security-tested


Suitable amber bracelets can be combined any time with the amber teething necklaces.

Also notice please our mother's child's sets!